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Welcome on my web-page about limb lengthening!!!


Because of the fact, that there are some english-speaking readers on my page, I decided to establish an English web page with some information about my limb lengthening.
First of all I have to apologize for all mistakes in writing, please just overread it :-)!

My whole life, I was unhappy with my shorter left leg. Furthermore my left feet was inward-looking so that I had problems to walk. I had those typical teenage problems: Some classmates asked me "Hey Laura what's wrong with your leg?" and I realised that I differed from them.

With the age of 16 I began to think about an operation. Me and my father, we visited a hospital in Hannover, where they used the "Fixateur"-Method. After collecting some information in the internet I was sure that this method isn't the right one for me. I read about open wounds and a high inflammation potential. I didn't want to have this metal construction around my leg, which obstructs my daily life. After some medical checkups we were helpless what to do.

A few months later, my dad saw a report on ZDF (a german tv channel) about limb lengthening with the Fitbone-method in Munich. (notice: you can see this german report on my page. Just click on that link:,4070,4078334-5,00.html )

We decided to visit the ZEM- center and took the train to Munich. There we met Dr. Thaller, one of the two specialists in limb lengthening with the Fitbone-nail. He explained the lengthening-method and made a radiograph, which shows that I had a difference of about 3,5 cm. One of the greatest moments in my life were, when he said: "Laura, if you want, I will operate on your leg". 

One year later, after passing my exames I had my operation. On the 1th of July I came to Munich by car and went to the "Barmherzige Brüder"-hospital, near the wonderful Nyphenburger-castle. There, everyone was very nice, I spoke about the narcosis (you get a general anesthesia) with a doctor and was happy about having a room on my own :-). 

The next day, 2nd of July, I was picked up early in the morning (about 7 o' clock in the morning) by two nurses and brought into the operation room. 
When I woke up, after about 3 hours of operation, Dr. Thaller told me that the operation succeeded and everything's okay with my leg. I stayed 10 days at hospital. After 5 days of just recovering from the operation and having some physiotherapy every day, Dr. Thaller explained to me how to use the lengthening- machine. 

How to lengthen the leg:

In hospital you get a small machine with two buttons and a cable with an end that looks like a small cream jar. You have to take this small round end (the "cream jar") and put it on the receiver/acceptor (Sorry I don't know the correct word in English) under your skin to lengthen your leg. When you push one of the buttons, the machine will give small impulses to the Fitbone-nail in your leg, which extend a bit. You have to reprise that procedure three times a day. With this method you can legthen your leg 1mm every day.

Here, you can see a femoral-bone with a Fitbone-nail inside. Out of the bone there is a white cable with the receiver-end, which lies under your skin after the operation. Next to the bone there is the lengthening-machine with its buttons and the small end which I call "Cceam jar". 

That's the fitbone-nail. It is possible to operate the femural- and the lower-leg-bone. When you get the fitbone-nail in your femural- AND lower-leg-bone it is possible to lengthen up to 14 cm altogether.

That's a radiograph of a femural-bone with a Fitbone-nail. The red-colored brace shows the length of 5cm, which was achieved by the method. The word "Antenne" means the receiver which lies under your skin.

All in all I walked about 4 month on crutches. During the period you walk on crutches you are allowed to burden your operated leg with 20 kg of your body weight. 
1,5 months after my operation I finished my limb lengthening with an result of 3,4 cm. After hospital, at home, I had physiotherapy 3 to 4 times a week, where I trained my muscles.
After 1,5 to 2 years the Fitbone-nail will be removed in a small operation. Then you have to stay in hospital for three days, leaving with no crutches.

In the end, I have to say that I never regret my decision to lengthen my leg. The result ist breathtaking. I never have to heighten my shoes again. I am able to do everything I want and can live a happy und fullfilling life. Even my inward-looking feet was adjusted by Dr. Thaller, so that I can walk without falling over my own feets.


Perhaps you saw my lengthening-diary in german on my web-page. I'm really sorry that I cannot translate everything.
If you have any questions please fill out the contact-box ("Kontakt", no registration) or contact me directly by wirting an e-mail to: ! I'm looking forward to help you with all of your questions. 

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